The Taste Sets Us Apart!

Fritz’s exclusive recipe is made from fresh, natural ingredients to the highest standards of quality. Our recipe and “old time”
freezing process gives Fritz’s Frozen Custard its clean, delicious taste and smooth, creamy texture. Each dessert is handdipped,
made fresh to order and served with pride by our smiling, friendly staff that always try to make your visit to Fritz’s the
best it can be.

It’s Not Just Vanilla at Fritz’s!
Every day at Fritz’s you can have your dessert made with any of these delicious frozen custards.

Fritz’s Original 90% Fat Free Vanilla
Rich in vanilla flavor and, as with all of our frozen custards, a great source of dairy calciumand protein!

Fritz’s Lite 95% Fat Free Vanilla
A lighter version of our original recipe for those counting calories that’s bursting withflavor!

Fritz’s Chocolate
Introduced to St. Louis by Fritz’s in 1984, it’s rich, full-bodied flavor has been satisfying chocolate connoisseurs for years! If you love chocolate and haven’t tasted Fritz’s chocolate frozen custard, you’ve missed the chocolate boat!

Fritz’s Flavor of the Day
A daily rotating delicious hand dipped flavor of frozen custard (not just flavors added to
already frozen vanilla custard) was introduced by Frtiz’s to St. Louis in 1985. There are now many including delicious custard
flavors like, Mint Chip, Butter Pecan, Strawberry, Yellow Cake Batter, Chocolate Malt and seasonal favorites Pumpkin (a Fritz’s
original flavor introduced in 1985) and Cinnamon to name just a few. Click the “Flavor of the Day” tab to find out what we’re
serving today!

Fritz’s No Sugar Added Vanilla
Fritz’s proudly serves ready to go portions of our creamy, smooth and flavorful no sugar added frozen custard that tastes so
good, you won’t know what it’s missing! With a Diabetic Exchange of 3 Fats, 1 Carb and 4 Net Carbs in a 5 oz. serving, it offers
a delicious diet friendly dessert for you to enjoy!

Click the Menu tab to discover many of the delicious treats that you can enjoy at Frtiz’s Frozen Custard such as Sundaes, Concretes,
Malts, Shakes, Cows, Sodas, Floats, Cones and more!


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